After the Rainbow Sour


Funky and FruitySour8.0%7 IBU

Belgian Golden Strong

Crowlers$12Growlers$24On Tap

Belgian11.0%32 IBU

Black Walnut Honey Ale


Braggot11.0%30 IBU

Bru-Tang Sour

Crowlers$9On Tap

Smooth & FruitySour6.o%22 IBU

Caramel Macchiato Double Stout

Crowlers$12On Tap

CoffeeStout8.6%60 IBU

Chocolate Milk Stout

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

Dark & Roasty5.1%26 IBU

Coconut Pecan Milk Stout


Dark & RoastyMaltySweet5.5%26 IBU

Cream Ale

Crowlers$8On Tap

Light & Crisp5.5%20 IBU

Danger Light

CrowlersGrowlersOn Tap

Light & Crisp3.9%10 IBU

Danger Lime Light

On Tap

FruityLight and Crisp3.9%11 IBU

Dangerous Dual Double West Coast IPA

Crowlers$12Growlers$24On Tap

HoppyWest Coast IPA8.4%80 IBU

Double Cream Coffee Dream


CoffeeLight & CrispOutlier7.2%20 IBU

House IPA

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

Hoppy6.8%50 IBU


Crowlers$8On Tap

Light & Crisp5.1%22 IBU

Mexican Chocolate Double Stout


RichSpicyStout10.4%55 IBU

Midnight Margarita Gose Collab w/ Witch Hunt

Crowlers$14Growlers$28On Tap$8


Nordic Lemon Squeeze

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

FarmhouseSmokeySmooth and Fruity6.0%10 IBU

Peanut Butter Porter

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

Dark & Roasty5.9%26 IBU

Pomegranate Royale Hard Seltzer

On Tap$6

Hard Seltzer6%

Prickly Pear Wit

Crowlers$9On Tap

Wit6.3%14 IBU

Stern's Double India Pale Ale

Crowlers$12On Tap

Hazy IPA8.1%50 IBU

Strawberry Banana Milkshake IPA

Crowlers$10Growlers$20On Tap

Milkshake IPASmooth and Fruity7.3%35 IBU

Super Session IPA


HoppyIPALight & Crisp4.0%10 IBU

Watermelon Sour

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

Sour5.0%7 IBU