Barrel-Aged Blueberry Maple Double Stout

Bottles$26On Tap$8

Barrel-AgedDark & Roasty11.1%

Bilancia Italian Pilsner

Crowlers$9On Tap

LagerLight & Crisp5.8%33 IBU

Black Almond Imperial Stout Rum Barrel-Aged

On Tap

Dark & Roasty13%%

Black Razz Cobbler Ale


Pastry AleSmooth & Fruity5.6%16 IBU

C’s Get Degrees Cold IPA


HoppyLight & Crisp7.5%50 IBU

Chocolate Milk Stout

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

Dark & Roasty5.4%26 IBU

Coconut Milk Stout

Crowlers$9On Tap

StoutSweet6.5%40 IBU

Cream Ale

Crowlers$8Growlers$15On Tap

Light & Crisp5.2%20 IBU

Cucumber Cooler Hard Seltzer


Hard Seltzer6.0%

Danger Lite

Crowlers$8On Tap

LagerLight & Crisp4.2%

Danger Zone: Honey Funk Mixed Culture

On Tap

Mixed Culture

French Silk Double Stout

Crowlers$14On Tap

Dark & RoastyPastry Stout9.0%40 IBU

Fresh Is Frozen Cold IPA

Crowlers$9On Tap

HoppyLight & Crisp7.8%50 IBU

Gold Rush Double IPA

Crowlers$12Growlers$24On Tap

Hoppy7.8%%80 IBU

Guava Pineapple Sour

Crowlers$10Growlers$20On Tap

Funky and FruitySour6.9%10 IBU

Home Improvement Hazer IPA Collab with Habitat for Humanity

Crowlers$10On Tap

Hazy IPA6.9%%30 IBU

House IPA

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

Hoppy7.2%50 IBU

One in Four Hazer IPA (A Brewing Initiative Against Domestic Violence)


Hazy IPAJuicy6.6%24 IBU

Peanut Butter Porter

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

Dark & Roasty6.2%26 IBU

Rotating Soft Serve! Blueberry Maple Double Stout

On Tap


Smoke Show Altbier (Collab w/ Nine Mile Brewing)

Crowlers$10Growlers$20On Tap

MaltySmokey5.6%30 IBU

Speciál Dark Czech Lager

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

LagerMalty5.5%26 IBU

Sultan of Swat Double Hazer IPA

Crowlers$12Growlers$24On Tap

Hazy IPAHoppy8%%30 IBU

The Bee's Knees Lemon Honey Hard Seltzer

CrowlersOn Tap

Hard Seltzer6%%

The Cranberry Currant Sour

Crowlers$10On Tap

Funky and FruitySour6.9%7 IBU