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We are a destination microbrewery & taproom located in NE Minneapolis. Our focus is high-quality, small-batch production beers with ever-changing taps.

We are family friendly and welcome anyone from anywhere.

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On Tap

Barrel-Aged Cinnamon R.I.S. (Russian Imperial Stout)

On Tap

Barrel-AgedDark & RoastyRich10.9%68 IBU

Belgian Golden Strong

Crowlers$12On Tap

Belgian11.0%32 IBU

Blood Orange Almond Donut Pastry Ale

Crowlers$10Growlers$20On Tap

Pastry Ale6.3%35 IBU

Chocolate Milk Stout

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

Dark & Roasty5.1%26 IBU

Cream Ale

Crowlers$8Growlers$13On Tap

Light & Crisp4.8%20 IBU

Lavender Berry Grisette

Crowlers$9On Tap

Grisette5.0%25 IBU

Mango Kool Dreamz Hazy Pale Ale

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

HazyPale Ale4.6%11 IBU

Mexican Chocolate Double Stout

CrowlersOn Tap

RichSpicyStout10.4%55 IBU

Mixed Culture Saison w/ Guava and Papaya

On Tap$7

Funky and FruitySaison7.3%30 IBU

Over/Under Helles Lagerbier (Collaboration with Arbeiter Brewing Co.)

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

LagerLight and Crisp5.8%20 IBU

Peanut Butter Porter

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

Dark & Roasty5.9%26 IBU

Sake Rice Lager (Collaboration with Fair State Brewing Co.)

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

Light & Crisp4.8%20 IBU

Space Queen Triple IPA

Crowlers$15On Tap

Hazy IPAHoppy10.0%15 IBU

Stern's Double India Pale Ale

Crowlers$12On Tap

Hazy IPA8.1%50 IBU

Super Session IPA

Crowlers$9On Tap

HoppyIPALight & Crisp4.0%10 IBU

Tattersall Rye Barrel-Aged Imperial Braggot

On Tap

Barrel-AgedBraggot12.3%47 IBU

Temp Swings IPA (Collaboration with Modist Brewing)

Crowlers$10Growlers$20On Tap

Hazy IPA6.9%23 IBU

The Things We Don't Say IPA (Collab w/ Eagle Park Brewing Co. and Hope for the Day)

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

Hazy IPA6.8%15 IBU

Trop Pop IPA

Crowlers$10Growlers$20On Tap

Hazy IPAJuicy6.9%33 IBU


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COVID Updates

Hey y’all. It’s been a while. Here’s what we’ve been doing so far during the pandemic: Our Taproom has been closed since mid-March. We miss you, and we miss pouring you beers. We can’t wait to see you in there again some day. We’re working on a re-opening plan that addresses the limitations of our … Continued